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Thankful Thursday Fundraiser

WyCB has been fortunate enough to secure a date for a Thankful Thursday Fundraising event.  This is a real opportunity for us to raise funds for our various activities, including our annual scholarship and advocacy efforts.

To make this event a success, we need the help of you, our members.  The Board cannot do this without your help.  The following details will give you an idea of what we are going to be doing.
Who:  WYCC Radio – My Country – 95.5 (auctioneer)

What:  Live auction and raffles

Why:  To finance WyCB activities

Where:  The Beacon Club in Casper

When:  September 14 beginning at 5:00 PM until done that evening

This is a live auction combined with several raffles and the normal excitement that goes with such an event. 

We will need help with setting up, greeting guests, selling various raffle tickets, collecting auction items, spotting for the auctioneer, clean up, etc.

Even if you can’t work at the event, we encourage you to still come and support those who are helping out.    to help  dramatize the fact that we are the recipient of the evening’s money - letting, we ask that you bring and use your white cane, the blind symbol that the sighted regulars can identify us with and hopefully spur on their raffle ticket purchasing and bidding.

If you can help out, we ask that you call event chair, Jacquie Flatley at: (307) 359-8045 so she has an idea of who will be coming.

This is the first time our organization has been able to secure a spot on the Thankful Thursday schedule and we are excited to be considered.  We also look forward to being able to enjoy some wonderful fellowship with our members.

With Great expectations,

The WyCB Board

See the list of auction baskets.