Wyoming Council of the Blind
Scholarship Application

Welcome to the scholarship link of The WYCB website. In an effort to develop an application process which is easy to follow, the Scholarship Committee has once again updated the application. Please review the application requirements and other scholarship information carefully!  Remember, this scholarship is based on visual acuity.  (Best correction in both eyes of 20/50 or worse.) The scholarship amount for the 2021-2022 academic year is $1000.00.

Since 1992, The WYCB Board of Directors has committed it's efforts to provide educational support for individuals with low vision and blindness. The Board believes that educational development will result in increased work opportunities.

Annually, all information pertinent to the scholarship project is reviewed and discussed, by the WYCB Board and its scholarship committee.

During this time, motions to change the application requirements, form, process or award amount are decided. This year the Board is encouraging all interested students, who meet the application requirements, to apply. If you are a previous scholarship recipient or a first time applicant, you will be considered. All applicants must complete the entire application process.

Preference will be given to first-time applicants. The WYCB Boards' priority is to support educational advancement for Wyoming students.

Please note the above change in the section titled: Important Scholarship Information.  The Scholarship Committee is looking forward to receiving your application for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Please review the application requirements and other pertinent information.  If you have any questions or need additional clarification, please contact D'Anna Feurt  at 307-286-0436 or e-mail her at: tweetpea73@gmail.com.


Please provide the documentation necessary to meet each requirement.

1.  Eye Examination report and narrative.

The eye examination report must be completed within the last year, by an ophthalmologist, optometrist, or other eye care professional.

The examination report must include: Your best corrected visual acuity level and field measurements, onset of visual impairment and prognosis.  (ACUITY LEVEL IS: best corrected visual acuity of 20/50 or worse.)

Provide additional information if the documented condition or prognosis will result in significant loss in the future.  Providing a narrative would be helpful to the committee.

2.  Verification of Wyoming residency.

Provide a copy of a current Wyoming driver's license or identification card.

3.  Verification of acceptance or enrollment.

Provide an original or copy of enrollment or acceptance into an accredited college, vocational or technical training program.

4.  Letter of recommentation.

Provide one letter of recommendation from a school counselor, administrator, instructor or employer.

5.  Verification of a 2.0 GPA. (C Average)

Provide a certified grade transcript.  (high school, undergraduate or graduate or other training program)

6.  Autobiographical sketch of not more than two pages in a printed format.  Any other format will NOT be accepted.

Tell us about yourself!

     1.  How will you use this scholarship and how will it impact your educational experience?

     2.  What are your short and long-term educational and work goals?

     3.  Tell us about your personal and academic achievements:  work experience, hobbies, and any other information you think would be helpful for us to know about you.

     4.  Verification of personal information.
Complete the form located at the end of this application.  The Scholarship Committee may need to contact you and/or your parent/guardian should we need additional information, related to your application.

Important Scholarship Information:

     1.  This scholarship can be applied to any accredited college, vocational or technical training program.

     2.  You may apply for this scholarship annually. (Preference will be given to first-time applicants).

     3.  The WYCB scholarship is awarded annually.  This year the award amount is $1,000.00.

The application must be postmarked no later than March 15th of the current year.  The Scholarship Committee will review all applications submitted and will make a decision on or before April 15th of the current year.

The scholarship will be awarded at the annual WYCB State Convention in Casper, WY.  The convention date has yet to be set, but we will notify you of the date if selected. The WYCB scholarship recipient is expected to be present to receive the award.

Please send all documents no later than March 15th, 2021 to:

Wyoming Council of the Blind
c/o D'Anna Feurt
3701 Harvey Street
Cheyenne, WY  82009

(Revised 2/10/21)
* * * * *
Personal Information:
Please return this information with the other required documents.

Name ____________________________________
Address __________________________________
Home Phone _____________ Cell _____________
E-mail Address ____________________________
Date of Birth ___________

Parent or Guardian

Name ____________________________________
Address __________________________________
Home Phone _____________ Cell _____________
Email ____________________________________

Revised: 2-10-21
* * * * * * * *
Download our scholarship application in MS Word .doc format and PDF .pdf format below.

MS Word 2021-2022 scholarship application
PDF 2021-2022 scholarship application